i may put two of them what do you think?...i have esp ltd m-1000 with two emg 81 pickups.
Well, they are far from hot but they are defenately unique and usable.
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Well, they are far from hot but they are defenately unique and usable.

you mean no rock/metal output
What styles do you play? Sounds you're lookin for?
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I have one that I play some metal through and its not bad. I have heard mixed responses though. But hey...its like $30
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Well, they are far from hot but they are defenately unique and usable.

REALLY? You consider 18K resistance from a humbucker to be "far from hot?"

Maybe you shouldn't be adding wrong info where you don't know.

They are extremely hot in humbucker mode. They sound great in all 3 positions.

I just installed a set in a Les Paul copy and it sounds amazing for all types of music. I played it into my Vox Valvetronix on Nu-Metal and it was so saturated and thick... it was F'ing amazing. At the same settings, you could switch them to P90's and it got brighter with less output... switch to rails, and it start cleaning up and sounded like a Strat.

I'm installing P-Rails into my latest project guitar. I'm really stoked to have my own set. My client that has the Les Paul copy with them came back to me for more work on a few other guitars... he just had to mention that everyone he knows has been creaming over his tone since I put those pickups in for him.

They are extremely versatile. They are very hot as humbuckers.
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Hey folks, I thought I could share my review for this awesome new pickup:

Humbucker mode:

Clean, you can tell how high the output of this pickup is (thanks to the P-90s). The sound is just the right balance, like an ideal pickup should be, not too bassy, not too glassy, and no annoying mids either. The neck pickup is just a joy to play with, as it's not muddy. Strum on it and it chimes nice. I've come to love to middle position, as it sounds acoustic-ish by itself. Ran some effects on it and it's just present, and I love the middle setting for the acoustic simulator, kinda sounded like the real thing.

Distorted, it sounds big, and clean. I thought, my opinion, that the chords were just clear and you'd hear the clarity and definition. I played some AiC and Slayer on it, and it held its own. I thought it had it's own character. The neck just sings and it doesn't fart out with high gain. And again, the middle position was just pure rock and roll, I was just playing in this position the most.

P-90 mode:

Now I've come to love P-90s more because of this. Can you say Brit Pop? I was playing some Indie Rock on this mode, bridge, neck and middle, and it was just clear and snappy. So much output to last you for days.

Distorted, it's just tone heaven for me. I think I'm gonna start recording solos with the P-90 mode, in any position. You have to play it to believe it, I can't describe it enough how much the P-90 mode rocks!

Single Rail mode:

Now for this one, you have to be a Strat tone lover to appreciate this. If you're not big on the Strat tone, you'd skip this portion.

Technically, and thanks to a friend for the Super Strat terminology, as that is what I have most in my guitar collection. My N1, stock, can do a Strat tone in the middle position, but I need more tonal options than that.

You'd noticed the output drop once the Rail is engaged. Like Mr. Falbo said, it's like using a 2nd and 4th position in a Strat, and that is exactly what I heard. The middle position is like the Strat tone in the middle as well. It's clean as a whistle, I can't believe I can have a real Strat tone in my Super Strat. All positions love effects, and it does convincing (modeled) acoustic tones in the middle position.

Distorted, it has a biting tone. Jimi, SRV, you know, the Strat guys. I just couldn't resist pulling out my Vox wah and playing Voodoo Chile, and I swear it nailed it.

Parallel Mode:

Even greater nailing acoustic tones, when I engage my acoustic modeler it sounded like an acoustic with a preamp. It seemed to love my Echoplex and (David) Gilmour's Delays presets. I love playing 90's music on this mode.

Distorted, I have to turn the mids up on this one, but it's worth the tone.

Overall, I must say that I've come to love playing guitar all over again. I've never loved playing the middle position as I do now. Very usable tones for any given situation. And I must say I bought this with the intention to use this so I can whip out tones for whichever the song calls for.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you're not a big fan of the Strat tone, just have a push-pull knob for the humbucker and P90.

If I may add, all of my guitars have medium action, aside for tonal purposes, slide work would be a good idea for it. Anyway, when engaged for the P-90 sound in the middle position, your slide work really shines.

I hope this was detailed enough. Let me know if you have any other questions.