im interested in either of these but im only bedroom playing or jamming with friends and kinda see 120w of tube a bit much, would it still get good tones at lower volumes? any suggestions for amps as good as bugera but less wattage?
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IMO dude Bugera are not very good amps. I have heard a lot about problems with them, even if they are only a starting company, you don't want to buy anything that will fail on you.

Orange Tiny Terror. Not as many watts, but loud as **** and is more than capable of smaller gigs
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no high gain amps only come in big wattage unfortunately, mainly because it most heavy music requires a tighter saturated pre amp rather than more flabby power amp stage instigating the distortion. Um bugera would probably be your best best, and if you live in the USA b52s maybe a mesa f30 etc?
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