Thats messed up right there. Thats what we have. Since Im an avid user of Yahoo!Messenger, Ultimate Guitar, Friendster, MySpace and Youtube, I am a big KB eater.

Now my dad bans all the sites I mentioned, and says only important things should be done, like checking email.

Right now my parents are in front of me (im on a lap top) they think Im typing a school project.


this is so F*cked up.
pay for a better service plan

or steal your neighbours wireless

edit: I think you'd be good if you just avoided youtube

I've downloaded that much in 15 minutes
Think yourself lucky, I'm on 2 gig.
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I'm mean.

You evil bastard!
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I can't stop laughing

Haha what the **** is it supposed to be?
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its the ass hair guy again!

I thought the same thing... lol

Do not go over your limit! For the love of all things green!
i hope my neighbour doesn't have a limit
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I'm mean.

@TS: Get one of those internetlimiters and set it for a particular megabyte per day. It'll automatically shut down internet if you try to go across the limit, I'm sure your parents will find reason as long as you don't cross the limit.
My limit's 12gb, then it goes down to dialup speed, woo.
hang on 10? lets trade, you have the 5g 4 computers share... and somehow we're always under the limit??
hehe, I've downloaded that in less than a day

I love BT Total Broadband Option 3 (not advertising again are we?)

8Mbps DL speed, unlimited downloads, free evening and weekend calls, free HomeHub, BT Vision (when I can convince my dad to pay £30 to get it anyway).
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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