Hey guys, I was just wondering what you guys use as backing tracks. I'm struggling to find good quality ones.

You could try guitarbt.com for some decent cover ones. Are you talking about originals though ?
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So you want to create drums, bass etc. for you to play guitar and/or sing over ?

You can either record these first and then play over them, or create them using vst instruments. What equipment and software do you currently have ?>
There is poetry in despair.
Well I have Guitar Pro 5 so I have access to bass and drum tracks. They sound a little unrealistic though. Is there anything I can do to help that?

To record my guitar parts, I'm using a mic and Audacity
They sound unrealistic because of the poor drums sounds etc. that guitar pro 5 uses. It's not designed for that kind of thing.

I'd suggest creating your drum tracks in Guitar Pro, then exporting the MIDI files into a sequencer such as Reaper (free trial ,cheap licence). You can then assign the MIDI track (which won't play by itself, as it's just data) to a drum plugin such as EZdrummer or the free MyDrumset plugin. Then add reverb, etc.

You can then use Reaper to record your guitar parts over the top of this.
There is poetry in despair.

lots of different genres and what not to choose from.

If you want to make your own, then I would follow the advice from fridge_raider or you could use ReDrum in Reason, or Beatcraft to make beats.

EZdrummer seems to be the most popular choice around here though.

Let us know what you chose to do and how it turned out.