Hello pitmonkeys. While I don't have much hope of finding help here I thought I would try anyway. I am doing a math portfolio for my school, and while I need no help with the theory behind it I need help in using a program I have downloaded specifically for this purpose. The program is Wolfram's Mathematica. For my portfolio I have had to produce piecewise graphs and now I must rotate them around the x axis in order to make them appear 3D. However I am having trouble finding out what to type in to get my functions to rotate around the x axis. If any of you can help me I would be very grateful.
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Yeah, I'm trying it with Plot3D right now, but I was wondering if there was an easier way to just tell it to rotate around the x axis.

I figure theres some kind of polar coordinate function mapper somewhere
just make it a function of r instead of x
wait, just put your variable in as the distance to the centre
r = sqrt[x^2+y^2]

Plot3D[sin[sqrt[x^2+y^2]], {x,-5,5},{y,-5,5}]

cbf to try it but you get the idea