on a guitar tab there is a downstroke symbol then the fretted notes then at the top of tab there is what looks like 2 hammer on symbols and at the bottom of the tab there is upside down hammer on symbols then to the right of that is the identical fretted notes, what does this mean?
i've just noticed ive posted this in the wrong section so i shall post it in the tab section
it's called a tie.

Instead of playing the same chord twice (as eighth notes), hold it for the duration of two eighth notes (in this case, making the note equal to a quarter note).

I'm horrible at explaining this stuff while typing... In person I could do it just fine..... but yeah.. heres the wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tie_(music)

You were thinking of it as a hammer on symbol, because that same kind of curved line used to show a tie between two notes of the same pitch is used to show a 'slur', (which in typical music theory means to play smoothly), and since hammer ons/pull offs make the conection between the notes smoother (theres no picking noise), the curved line is used to show a hammer on/ pull off between notes of different pitches.

curved line between notes of same pitch = tie
curved line between notes of different pitch = slur

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