im in the market for a new set of gear (guitar, amps and all the shebangs in between). I usually play hard and classic rock, metal an a bit of alternative rock. my budget is of around 600 dollars and i cant go used (i live abroad). what are your guitar, amp, pedals recomentations??


edit: i could go used on the guitar actually
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what's your current gear?
your not going to get much if you want an amp, guitar and pedals with $600
you could probably buy all of Ghold's gear used for $600.00 so don't let him get you down.

There are plenty of deals out there. Just go used - ebay, craigslist, flea markets, yard sales - and be smart with your choices.
i have a Fender Standard Strat and a Crate Flexwave FW15R

pedals are optional...its only if i actually need it
What I would do is look for a used guitar. I bought a 1970 Les Paul Goldtop yesterday for $450.00.

That guitar is worth between 3000 and 4000 so you could either keep it and use the money to buy another amp or sell it and have 3000 to buy other stuff.

Go used and keep cash on you and look everywhere.
I personally prefer gibson products.....I love the gibson sg, but I also have an epi explorer I play (it plays almost as good but the sg feels better, more ballanced, and is lighter). I also play through a marshall mg halfstack....which arent that good tonewise, but if you dont have much money and your dying for a marshall get it.....but there are better amps out there.
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get a bugera 333 212
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Hard rock and metal is mentioned for gear and no Ibanez fanboys have shown up yet? Whats going on here? Probably all still at school in English class bragging how awesome their Prestige's are and how they can sw33p and sound teh br00tulz
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Used Gear. Or more Cash.

ESP, Schecter, Ibanez, Jackson, ++

But you're not going to find a good new guitar and new amp for 600 bucks. You should spend that on only the Guitar.
You definatly need more cash.
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