-Do not add "Ver 2" Or "2" or "100% correct"or"New version" or something in song title.
-Check your song name and the artist name for spelling before you push submit button.

-Do not add type of your tab in song title like: "Hells bells Bass tab". Just select the type of your tab in submit your tab page.
-If you're trying to submit a tab for a live version of a song,just put the word "Live" after song name with no other words.You can add more descriptions in your tab.

(Guitar pro/Power tabs)

-Fix all incomplete bars.
-Add all necessary details in score information and performance note such as:
a.link to the website(For unknown bands)
b.Link to the song(youtube link or something if it was necessary)

All from this page:

If you have issues, report 'em there =]
well, by looking at your Join Date; one might assume that you didn't know that after one UG member has contributed 3 things; they can vote for what tabs they wanted added to the database from the range of tabs submitted by other uG members. that MIGHT be why.
*waits for a real answer from an admin*