I have a Epiphone Thunderbird, and it seems whenever I turn the two pickup knobs( the one that controls the volume of the pickup) up full it cuts out the power. I can, however, play with just one turned up and the other off ( tried this for both pickups)

I've had this bass for nearly 2 years now and i`ve never had this problem before.

I've checked all the wires and they seem to fine.

I really have no idea what could be wrong, any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance Steven
Nice Bass, I want a Thunderbird.

I think it is just an electrical fault.

See your guitar shop.
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Have you played through a second bass amp? If not, try that out.

Yeah tried that, doesn't help the problem its defiantly the guitar ive also tried different jack leads but that didn't help either =(
Be prepared for ppl to tell you thunderbirds suck.

But its almost surely due to old wiring.

Is it an epi or a gibson?
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The pickups are wired out of phase.

pickups don't just jump out of phase because they feel like it, this is a new problem on an old bass

anywho with the limited info i have been given i'd assume that having both knobs up full is for some reason sending the signal to ground, while would lead me to believe that you have a short somewhere in the circuit

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Be prepared for ppl to tell you thunderbirds suck.

But its almost surely due to old wiring.

Is it an epi or a gibson?

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I'll tell you your problem!

Thunderbirds SUC-

h as any bass can suffer from electrical problems. Sounds like one of the wires on the pots has come loose or something.

Whack it open and take a look.
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