Ok, i was at a friends house, and we listened to this album by a band, cant remember the name, ive tried the searchbar and google but no luck, anyone know who this band is:

They Are Norwegian
He said they dress as vikings when they are on stage, so im guessin its viking metal
One of the songs that i remember is about being at war with the irish, and one of the lines is: the irish will feel our/my wrath

thats all i can remember atm, i have a feeling it began with an A

anyone have an idea?
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well, as norwegian, I should prob'ly know..
but I don't :/
I'll get to you if i can remember some names.
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Amon Amarth is sort of Viking metal (i would say it's Viking-themed Melodic Death Metal)
but they are not norwegian, they are swedish but hey it's not that far :P
It could be Einherjer. Can't remember anything about a war with the irish, though.
It's definatly Amon Amarth, the song about waging war on the irish is called prediction of warfare from the album with Oden on our side=)
yh thanks guys, its been bugging me for days!
Prediction of warfare was the song, thanks!
Peavey Valveking 212

Ibanez S520EX in grey