At first when i wrote a song it was just a verse progression and then a chorus progression and then a solo...pretty boring. but now as my skills are improving im writing a lot of riffs and cool fills and progressions and a few melodies. I don't want my songs to be just verse chorus verse chorus. but sometimes i feel like i keep adding parts that it just gets out of control. So how do you know when enough is enough with ur songs.

I jammed with a drummer yesterday and one kid from his band and they really liked my style so im probably going to join the band. We made up this sick riff that we could probably use as verse, and a little chord progression for the chorus. The only problem is that im not the only guitarist, so me or him needs to come up with something for the other guitar to play. So any ideas on what lead guitar should play when there not just soloing

When i write riffs im normally just noodling around, but i feel like this is a really inefficient way to write most of the time. So i was wondering how you come up with riffs, is it just aimlessly or do you think about it and come up with it in your head then play it on guitar. I;m starting to think the second way would be much better but when i do i almost always come up with a riff thats already in a song, or i hum a melody and then i realize its already a song by someone.
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