Nice innit
Let me know what you thinK!
Its an FR1620-BK
My amp.. is gonna be a roland cube 60 =)!
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Quote by 36mikeyb36
Idk, dont tele's have like a "twangy" kinda sound?

Mine sounds good to me!
Sounds great with metal and stuff with stock pups!

And thanks senor! werent you the one that helped with me with my amp?
it depends on the electronics. for example, sometimes a moron with think a tele with a floyd rose and emgs with sound twangy.
AH! SENOR! About emgs.. should i get an 81/85 for the pups? and..
would i have to do anythin with the body to fit in the stuff?
Noice. Congrats. Tele's with humbuckers =/= twangy. Unless you set your settings that way...
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
EH? it doesnt sound twangy to me!! it sounds quite heavy imo..
The tone i get from a roland 60 with r-fier to my guitar is similar to All that remains O_O
No i didnt mean twangy in a bad way, but maybe those are only the Fenders on clean, nice score anyway, how much did it cost?