I posted about the bc rich asm pro a few months ago and we went back and forth about the features but no one actually played the guitar. I finally found the guitar and i picked it upi yesterday, so i figured i'll you guys a review. First of all they raised the price of teh guitar from 700 to $829 (boo). To start off its a good guitar. Its a neck through model, 24 frets, diamond inlays, EMG 81 85 pickup setup (ZW style) and an original floyd rose (not a copy or licence), they also used grover tuners. the selector switch is a three way switch.
To start with the finish, it is a dull flat black finish, and it feels tha way as well. it is not glossy nor does it feel smooth, it had this soft texture but not the standard glossy glass smooth texture. the entire guitar is black, includeing the back of the neck. there is a beige off white binding that surrounds the enture guitar. oh and the top of teh body is flat.
The cutaway is great and provides very comfortable access to frets, the cuttaway starts to break away from the neck around the 22nd fret, whcih is pretty good.
As far as the neck, it feels like its 19mm and 21mm in thickness. its not as thin as the ibanez wizard necks that i am used to but then again its not like a 2x4 lol. teh radius is 430 mm single. the frets are jumbo, they seem to be 6100 but im not sure, i really like railroad tracks for frets so frets are never big enough for me lol. the fretboard is made of ebony and it does have that "black" look with no brown anywhere i can see. the inlays are diamond shaped pearls. also the beighe binding that is around the body of the guitar continues to go around the neck and the headstock. the ACTION, a feature that interests everyone lol, was actually amazing. i mean out of the box teh action was super low with no buzing, les that 2 mm, about 1.7 or so. you get this action with no buzz. out of the box the strings were tuned a bit low, but that may have been for storage. i tuned them to 440 hz, locked teh tram and jamed for about 2 hours, with trem use, and the strings held tune perfectly.
as far as the wood, the body and neck is north american maple, which is bright. the wings on the body, thatis there the cutaways are, are made of adler, whcih is also a bright tone. but dont forget guys you get emg;s with this guitar and you can change tone between wood types with the turn of the tone knob.
the guitar is a bit on the heavier side. oh and important to note that the strap button is on the back surface of the upper cuttaway, not in the standard edge of the cutaway. its different but i think its more secure in that area.
ok i think i pretty much coverred anything. e-mail me or realy to teh post if you have any other questions about the guitar. it felt different the first hour or so but its really growing on me. i have about 7 or 8 ibanez rg models and this is the 1st time i actually buy a guitar thats not an ibanez. just one thing before i end, I DO NOT recommend any other bc rich guitars becasue they have different necks and feels. the only shredd guitar bc rich makes is the asm pro.
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