I have been playing guitar for a while now, but always used a cheapo strap. Now I have a new one, and have no idea how to put it "together"!

It has two parts, the main part with one hole for the peg on one side, and on the other, several slots. The second part has two holes, one near the end and one in the middle, and the other end has a slot.

So how do I put it "together" correctly?


Looks something like this btw: http://www.zzounds.com/item--LEVMSS3
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uhh.. i think you slot the thin part through each slot... or you don't have to at all
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i kn ow how to do it but i dont know if i can explain...

you put the thin end thru the slot at the height you like, back in thru the next hole, and then thru itself at the hole in the loop.

and that's it.


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