This may be the wrong section but i'm in a rush-does anyone know the exact tempo of Open your eyes by Snow Patrol? if not then how can i try figure it out?
Bass....How low can you go?????
guitar pro says 140.
Whats the longest word?

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because theres a mile between the two s's!

turn on a metronome and adjust it till it fits

EDIT: I think 132 is pretty correct.
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yeah thats roughly what i was expecting just didnt know the exact tempo
Bass....How low can you go?????
get a stop watch

time how long one bar takes (4 beats)
I got about 2.7 seconds for 4 beats

2.7 seconds per 4 beats = 0.675 seconds per beat

60 seconds / 0.675 seconds per beat = 88 beats per minute

unless I screwed up somewhere

edit: stop watch was bad
1.8 seconds per 4 beats
60/(1.8/4) = about 130bpm
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