Okay, so I just got my permit the other day right? I had only been driving three or four times with my mom, and I was pretty good. My mom even said I was already a better driver then my brother was after a year.

So the other day, its late at night and me and my girlfriend are sitting alone at my house kinda bored, just watchin TV. Im really ****in hungry and theres no food in house so I say "Hey, why dont I run up to the store and pick up a couple frozen pizzas?" She says sure why not, and decides to come with. So the nearest store is like 2 minutes away, so it shouldnt be a big deal. I put it in drive and pull out of my house real carefully and drive off into the night.

I go past the construction zone by my house and straight into the lot of the store. I go in, get my tombstone pizzas (pepperoni ftw!) and walk out to get back in the car. I put the keys in the ignition and start to back out of my spot.

All of a sudden I hear this thud and a huge scream. I look behind me and this ladies just screaming her brains out, and of course, Im in divide by zero mode.

I glance at my girlfriend who looks confused and jump out the car to see what I hit. And under my tires and see this like 4 year old kid who was wandering around my car as I backed up. I just freeze up, and this ladies yellin shit at me that I cant understand cause Im so scared. She starts writing down my license plate number, and at that point, I just dont wanna get in trouble. I jump in my car and speed away before she can call the cops.

So its the next day, and everythings cool, until the door bell rings. My mom answers it. I hear a WHAT?!?!? and I know Im in deepshit at this point. Two officers and a sobbing mother walk in, and the cops start to arrest me. Right before they slap on the cuffs, this lady ****ing runs up and starts attacking me.

Shes just fighting me, just raggin on me. And my moms standing there. And the cops arent doin anything. I cant fight back, I just killed her son. Shes kickin me and punchin, and bitin. Anything she can do. Shes just fightin me with all her heart.

And I dont know

I just

I just

I got in one little fight and my momma got scared,

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


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lol when you said the kid died i was like wowww...
you musta been bored huh
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Alternatively, have your friends hold him down, then take a dump in his mouth, make sure your genitals don't touch him though, that's gay.

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so you killed a kid and are posting on UG with a fresh prince of bel air quote

*backs away slowly*
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