I am rather proud of this piece. I first intended it to be a simple 4-6 minute Agalloch styled song, simple chord progressions and very minimalistic.

What it ended as was an Opeth styled epic, with keyboards, trumpets, and still slightly minimalistic. This is very atmospheric (well, it would be if it was recorded properly ).

So, enjoy. It's a tad long, too (12 mins. +)
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
Good Job, You should make more like this song it has a very Opeth feel to it
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Okay crit as i go:

I found the first 4 minutes of the song to be kind of dull. The first 2 guitar riffs really weren't good enough to be played that many times. The drums in this first section we very good though, especially when you trough in the double kicks, it added a lot of excitement. I'm a huge Opeth/Agalloch fan, but I find the fading in and out off riffs(which they do a lot and so did you) to be a sure fire sign of lack of song writing ability and the forcing together of two riffs that shouldn't be together. This is almost always a bad thing so try not to do it as much next time, try to only do it when switching instruments.

Acoustic riff has lots of potential but its not constructed right, please work on this part because its really cool. Strumming part was bland, pick more unusual chords.

The next symphonic section is too 4/4, switch up the timing a bit.

For the progression part I'd suggest some kind of melody over-top or a quick guitar solo or something, because it's boring, good chord choices though.

Ugghhh another big fade-in-out section, I'm not a fan of this stuff.

Ooooo, cool, the heavy riffs are really ballsy here. Still though, its two straight forward and unchanging for my tastes. One thing I like to do that you may want to try is have the distorted guitar pound out the rhythm and have the acoustics arpeggiate the chords over top.

Good transition near the end too.

Overall: Too bland in most spots, drums were good in the beginning but faded away after about 4 minutes. Your minimalist approach wasn't good enough to fill up the 12 minutes, either add more complex parts or compress it, as the listeners interest fades quickly.

When it comes down to it I'd rather listen to a complex 10 minute Opeth song or a 6 minutes minimalist Agalloch than your tune. This song has potential though but it needs a lot of work. 6/10

crit mine? Layers Of Infection
first riff: quite good, but it seems to come out of nowhere; i believe some sort of intro would help
it does get a bit repetitive, but (hopefully) some vox will change that
i really enjoyed the "dark melody" part, very powerful riffing
some of the transitions were a bit iffy, but i guess that helps with the feel of the song a bit (BRI-esque?)
i felt that the "gettin epicz/leading to heavy/yes, repetitive" parts were too repetitive (lol but you knew that)
i really liked the "new progression", and the trumpets here made it even more interesting
i think having them a bit louder in the mix would help ease into the transition to the acoustics, because although the trumpet riff had been playing the whole time, it seemed like a totally new riff that came out of nowhere because it was hard to hear before
i really enjoyed the drums and guitars in the "big fade out progression" and in the next "big and repetative" part (which i actually didn't feel was too repetative), it was a bit creepy sounding
the next progression is again, repetitive, but i really liked how you followed it with the same progression on acoustic

all in all, it was quite repetitive, but i liked the riffs/progressions, just trim it down a bit
Yeah, of course vocals will be there, but this is GP and I hate the vocal presets (alto/tenor sax and vocal synths...*shudder*).

I was experimenting with this one anyways, as I've never been one for repetitiveness or layering.
R.I.P. Charles Michael "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner
B. May 13 1967 - D. December 13 2001

Quote by eggsandham2
cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory