alright. ive been out of guitar playing for awhile now and am just getting back into it. for a guitar i am building a custom so that is taken care of. i need to know what amp now. i wold prefer it to be <300usd and be at least 100w 2x12 combo amp. or should i just build a cabinet and get a nice head. if so what is a nice head to drive a 4x12 cabinet with most likely celestion speakers? thanks
i play everything from blues to almost death metal heavy. and i will be gigging that is why i want 100 watts.

and yes i know how much the speakers will be. the celestion vintage 30's i am looking at are 125 a piece. but if i build the cab myself i can start with 2 and add the other 2 down the road.
You don't need 100 Watts to gig. And you probably won't find a good gigging amp for under 300 dollars, certainly not a 100W one
then would you reccamend a 50 or 75? if so would a head of that power range power 4x12 cabs easily? sorry i just do not remember any of this it has been two years since i have played much.
save up and get a good tube
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save up and get on Krank Revolution.
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save up and get on Krank Revolution.

that is a head correct? and how much are those? i am not spending 1000 on a head which most of the krank ones i have seen are. i am sure they are good but i do not need to be heard 30 miles away.
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take a look at the Crate V series

tube or solid state?
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is 33 watts enough to take care of a full stack? (8x12) if so i think i will go with that. thanks for all the help everyone.
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