I believe they're arpegiated chords, you play them note at a time rather than strumming, like pick each string separately, however wait out for a proper reply cos i'm not massively clued up on tab
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I think it's the way you strum them. Slowly strum the strings,one at a time in the direction specified by the arrow.
umm...never seen that. I've seen a twisty looking one and that means a quick arpeggio chord, so maybe that's the same thing?
tis is actually called ... upstrum and down strum

bassdrum was right .... the direction of the arrows tell you how to strum the chord(mainly)..
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thank you all, are we talking about the first image, the one with the dots between the strings?


thank you very much, could someone now clarify the "smiles" & "frowns" prob?


not completely sure what you mean by 'smiles and frowns'... but im guessing its the curved lines connecting the notes together in the secon picture.
it means those notes are 'tied.' you add the value of the second note to the first for one long note