Probably the most easily recognisable guitars on the planet today in terms of shape and name are the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul.

They both seem to be brands upon themselves and seem to be known even by people that dont really know anything about guitars.

I know usually you wouldn't really compare the two because they're both really different but I just kind of wondered which you think sells more as a whole, taking into account all versions???? I've wondered for a little while now.
They both have hundreds of variations so I really don't know, unless you just mean the Les Paul standard, Standard Strat etc.
Fender, you can get a decent Fender Strat for a lot cheaper than a Gibson LP.
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probably strats because i tend to see more people with strats then les pauls. Probably because they don't weight as much.

I know a ton of people with both though.
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The Strats, just because a lot of people get a Mexican Strat as their beginner guitar because of the huge price difference. You can get a good Strat for like a thousand less than a good Les Paul.
I'd say the strats sells more. Given I actually have some experience of working in a music store, It's from my own experience.
But this could vary a lot from region to region methinks.
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the strat itself doesnt sell that many but the style way outnumbers ANy other guitar in sales
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strats.. cuz theyre hunderds of $s cheaper
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Strats obviously. How often do you see an Encore Les Paul starter kit?

a lot actually
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Yeah Strats and Fenders in general are much cheaper than Gibsons. So they probably sell more
i own both
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