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£300 or under
79 28%
£700 or under
97 34%
£1000 or under
48 17%
£1500 or under
33 11%
£2000 or under
14 5%
above £2000
16 6%
Voters: 287.
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i know how much i spent.
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Guitar (used) - $75
Amp - $100
BOSS DS-1 Pedal - Birthday gift
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Got y guitar for my birthday two years ago (really low end epiphone)
y dad got me a 65 watt marshall valvestate so that me and him could jam.

So aside from strings/picks/other accessories, I've spent nothing on gear itself. I'm getting a better guitar this year for my birthday as well so I'm pretty much gonna be set for life
£200. Amp was £150, pedal was £100.

But to be fair, it's my third instrument- I've spent £2300 on violins and keyboards.
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total of around 1100$ US (including boss me50 i got from a friend for cheap)

then another 350 for an acoustic.
it's a cheap behringer, they gave it to me in my birthday so im not sure how much it costs.
i spent 60 bucks in a practice amp, an epoch 10 something. so yeah my gear is crap. i deserve something better
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guitar: 500 euros,
amp: 500 euros,
boss gt8: 350 euros

all together +-1400 euros
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Guitars - $1600

Amps - $250 for the Valve Junior, got the 78' Pro Reverb free from a friend

Martin DSR
Taylor 214e
Fender Strat
Epiphone 335 Dot
Carlo Robelli Acoustic

1978 Fender Pro Reverb
Boss Blues Driver
Boss Super Overdrive
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Boss DD-20 Giga Delay
I bought most of my pedals and my amp used, so saved a ton of cash there. But for amp i spent $400 (traynor tube amp, so for 400 its a steal). My main guitar cost $1800. Add on at least 300 for pedals and that makes $2500. Add on another guitar and its over 3000.
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SG Custom- £300
Fender Strat - £300
70's Firebird - £150
VOX AC30 - £620
Effects - £300
Plectrums/Straps/Accessories -£120
Cases & Gigbags - £200

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Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
EHX Memory Man/Hazarai
Digitch Whammy
Sovtek Straight 4x12
Herdim Picks
Laney Linebacker 50 Reverb
MXR Phase 90
together they cost about £200
my guitar was about £160
and my amp was £39.99
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Abooout £1000 i'd say. Maybe a bit more.
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72 tele deluxe- used, about $450
peavey valveking112- $400
My Gear
Fender 72 Tele Deluxe
Behringer GM108
Austin Boot-Heel Cutaway
Dunlop Original Crybaby
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Peavey Valveking 112

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about 400 dollars for my amp. It is teh shits though, but a good practice amp.
vintage sg - £50

amp - £40 (marshall mg15 i think)

also have another called a fat rat - was given it by stepdad

boss me50 - £100

just bought an epi sg for £105
guitar: $365 off ebay (barely used with case and shipping) - over half off

amp: trying to get one for less than $200 (have a crappy fender that i have no idea how much it cost

boss ds-1: $40
Um.. Over two thousand for my guitar and pedals, but my amp was free.
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Guitar - probably $300
Amp - $350 used
And then there's my $5000 violin, aka the reason my parents hate me getting expensive musical gear.


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£600 on my amp
£300 on my electric
£200 on my acoustic

How sad

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Cort Electro Acoustic Jobby
Cort Curbow 5

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My Ibanez was £270, the amp was £200. My pedalboard was about another £100 (I buy stuff used).
Guitar 1: 600 USD
Guitar 2: 800 USD
Amp: 600 USD
Loop Pedal: 100 USD
Tuner: 80 USD
Wah Pedal: 120 USD

Total 2300 USD ~ 1250 GBP
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Epiphone Blues Custom 30 amp: $500, new
Behringer 110 amp, $150m new
Ibanez JetKing II: $300, used
Cheapo Strat wannabe, $150, used
Seagull S6GT Cedar top acoustic, $500 new
Yamaha Acoustic, $300, new w/case
Digitech DF7 Distortion pedal, $100 new (bought A/C adapter later for ~$20)
LTD EC-1000 - $600 used
MG100HDFX/412 - $600 new

my other stuff
LTD EX-400 - $580 new
Dean Michael Schenker V - $200 new
Peavey Envoy 110 - uncle's old amp
Metal Muff - $80ish new
Crybaby Wah - $20 used
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Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24 Pro - £960 New
Peavey Valveking 212 - £350 New
Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive Pedal - £45 New
2 New Speakers, perhaps v30s - £95(Coming Soon)
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