i have a big muff NYC PI, the big one not they gay little big muff for sale, about a year old, a fair few playing scratches but in absolutly perfect condition, this things built like a tank, and then some

also i have my digitech hot head for sale, about a month old, only played a few times

reason for sale is that ive been offered a mxr boost/overdrive which is the best od pedal ive ever heard EVER and it covers all the bases that i got from these pedals

basicly make me some offers, nothing rediculous or insulting, there gonna get part-exed if there not sold soonish

pics on request

urm this week? im planning on going and getting an MXR custom audio electronics distortion this weekend, i tried it last week and it was amazing, it rendered all my other distortion pedals obscolete so im selling them to raise the cash fo it, if i traded it in part-ex theyd offer me about 15 quid for it, i was planning on doing it this weekend, but its starting to look doubtful that im gonna be able to raise the cash, its £120, i have 40, i bought a korg toneworks last week for £45 but its broken so im getting that refunded, im selling a pickup on here for 20, so im still a bit off, and i dont want to get peanuts for trading my pedals in at the guitar shop.
thats fair enough. its so annoying cos i'm under 18 so i cant get a paypal account and it also means my stupid bank account doesnt allow me 2 write cheques!! grrrr. i could send the money in the post that reli does depend on my faith in the postal service
yea im not doing that, i dont trust the postal service, how long till your dad is back?

i think il go to the shop this weekend and see what they offer me for the pedals, if i dont end up selling it to them il let you know, i just cant really wait that long

i understand, im 16 and i have to get my dad to help me with the paypal and shizzle too

il get back to you
Just a heads up, I'd lay back on the bumping a bit. And for any potential buyers, I have the digitech hot head, a nice pedal for the price. Can easily acheive classic rock and heavy rock, and can do metal if EQ'd appropriately.