hey, i was putting emgs in my brand new Gibson Exlorer so my dad told me to put painters tape over all of it and so i did. when i finished, i pulled it off and now it has tape residue all over it. what can get that off? i already tried windex and a few small things that didnt work.
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time would be your best bet or try polishing it
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btw lime kicked ass

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great stuff. it really works. its kinda hard to find though
warm water with a tiny amount of dish washing liquid. dip ur tea towel into it and then try rubbing it
my name is barry scott and i suggest cillet bang!! Bang and the dirt is gone! Sorry couldnt resist. Anyway on a serious note, elbow greese if its the sticky type of greasey stuff
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nail varnish works wonders for getting anything off.
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nail varnish works wonders for getting anything off.

Yeah including the finish of your guitar.

Use olive or veggie oil and some elbow grease