So I've been trying to learn some music theory to gain some skill on my lead guitar and to better understand scales, I've read all of these lessons, etc and it just wasn't making sense to me. I know my patterns fairly well, but I didn't understand WHY those patterns worked, etc... So I'm setting at work on a break and I wrote my fretboard out on a piece of paper and started to circle the patterns and try to find a relationship. Wow, HOW EASY that is. Penta (5) and all it is is having the KEY you are playing it in (the root note) and it's 5 corrosponding notes on the CoF. So to help me better break it down and to show others how simple the pentatonic scales really are I built this php app: http://whathefck.com/php/music.php -- just go to it and select which key to play in, the rootnotes will be in red, other notes in dark gray.

And for the rest of you music buffs, let me know if there are any errors in it!
By no means did I make this to kill the compitition or reinvent the wheel, it was simply the better way for me to learn, and I'm asking you cats how I did. Not to mention maybe somewhere down the line the simplicity of it might help someone else out.