Hi, i know this question has probably been posted a million times before but here goes. I have been playing guitar for 7 years now and i am bored so i think i want to start playing bass. What should i buy? I am a student so my budget is restricted but I know my way around a guitar so i dont want to buy some beginer bass. I was thinking an Ibanez gsr 200. Also, suggestions for an amp would be appreciated.

I think I have the gsr....Is that like a gio sound gear, with two volume knobs, the bass boost, and the tone knob?
Well if it's the same one I'd recommend it I rather like it.
get an ibanez jumpstart pack. It has ibanez gsr190 (its the gsr200 without active pickups), a small practice amp, strap, lead, picks and other shizz like that.
Not a beginer bass, eh? I would look at MIM Fenders and The Ibanez SR series.

As far as amps go, I would say Ashdown is the way to go. Cheap, lot of wattage, sound pretty good. How much are you looking to spend?
if you don't want a beginner bass i'd say try a MIM fender, you can find them used for relatively cheap (200-350 dollars maybe).
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I like my GSR200. it plays very well for the price. the Peaveys and Squier VM's are good too. also, look into Acoustic. good stuff for ampin your bass. also, I support Ashdown.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far guys. I am looking for a relatively cheap bass (max £300) but will sound good live.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far guys. I am looking for a relatively cheap bass (max £300) but will sound good live.

Gonna be hard to get a good bass and a giggable bass amp for that price, would you be able to borrow a gigging bass amp for when you play live?
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