I've recorded the intro of Don't Cry by Guns N' Roses. But I don't like its tone. I'd like to get some advice, how to get a good tone for that intro. What effects should I use?


I play the intro two times (with the neck and the neck+middle pickups, I don't know which should I use).
I use a Squier Stratocaster, and I've recorded through my roland cube 30x amp.

Thanks in advance!

that's a guide, you can modify it depending on your amp/guitar.
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its out of tune for one thing and also your using a guitar with single coil pickups, it won't sound like a les paul.
yea u need a les paul or some humbuckers and u need to tune half step down and slow down ur playing too fast

If I recall correctly, the Don't Cry clean tone used by Izzy (the intro, most of the verses and chorus) is generated by a slightly overwound neck humbucker on a Thinline Telecaster, through a blackface Fender Bassman amp head of some description (I've forgotten the exact model, though I know it had been modified and was slightly brighter-toned than usual) and a Mesa Boogie cab.

In fact most of Izzy's parts on all songs were recorded with a semi-hollowbody of some kind, slightly overwound pickups in the neck and slightly under-wound pickups in the bridge, and a mixture of various Fender heads and a wide range of speaker cabs. A Gibson ES-175 and a Fender Thinline Telecaster were his two most used guitars for the Appetite recordings, the Gibson getting the most use overall.

An interesting note on his Telecaster is that the neck pickup was moved back slightly further towards the bridge, so it was roughly in the same position as it is on the ES-175 (guitars with 24 frets will also have the neck pickup in roughly this same area). This gives the neck pickup a little more 'twang' than it's normal placement, though it also reduces some of the dynamic and harmonic response.

What this all amounts to is:
- medium output alnico V neck humbucker pickup.
- Don't roll the tone down, keep it at full.
- A 'bright' amp. Fender are obviously your best bet. If your amp is darker-toned, try simply boosting the treble and mid a little higher than you would usually use. It's not a perfect fix and can't stand in for the real thing, but it'll do if you're just practising.
- Live, both Izzy and Gilby made use of a light chorus effect when playing the intro and first verse of Don't Cry. The key word here is 'light' chorus effect.

For that Strat, I'd suggest using the neck+middle pickups together, keeping tone and volume at full (you don't want to lose any more of the twang), and make sure your amp has a good mid and treble presence.
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