Wow. I didnt know how fast I could run through my scales. I just timed myself, and I can alternate pick through two forms of the major scale at about 8-9 nps on my acoustic! Dont have great finger control though (I'm trying to get into shred and I'm looking at pangini's licks... find them a little difficult to get right at the moment).
No. No point really. Never really measured how fast I could play. But I wanna get into shred and spanish classical, and both of them are beyond me at the moment.. a little bit at a time I guess.
Err... that's nice?

Check out this amazing speed by the almighty Tommy Emmanuel. I'd say he's just as fast as any well rounded electric guitar player I've seen, if not faster.

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Paco de lucia....enough said
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Yeah. Tommy Emmanuel is brilliant. Also that guy the Gypsy Kings... He's pretty fast...
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