Does the number of simultanious files you have downloading effect the speed of each download?

Basicly im using Vuze to get some sneaky music that i can't find anywhere else, and im wondering whether it would be quicker to pause all the downloads but one, and do them one at a time, or is it best if i just leave them all on.

Also, no '0mG ur SooO ignorant and your killing the music industry yap yap yap think about the artists blah blah blah' don't bother because its not gonna make me realise what im doing and jump off a cliff, it will just make me download MOAR! Go to the ethics/moral/philosophy thread or whatever it is.

Thanks in advanced!
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it sort of depends on your connection and the speed at which they're all going at. i usually download one at a time just because i don't like to hog all of the bandwidth from my roommates and stuff, but i would suggest just taking a look at the speed of each download individually and when they're going at the same time, and make a judgment call based off of what you see.
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