I am tryin gt odo this mod:
To my les paul.
I am confused about it because on the bridge volume pot it says to go to the Neck tone pot and I dont know where t otake it to on the pot or if its even right. Im not really sure how I need to wire the Neck tone pot either. So far the bridge pickup works accept for when the phase switch(bridge tone pot) is pulled up, then nothing. The neck pickup works if the volume pot is pulled up engaging the "megabucker" but it doesn't when it is down i nthe normal position.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

That diagram doesn't look right to me?

Shouldn't the bridge volume pot left terminal be marked as 'to bridge tone pot'?

If the neck tone is a normal pot just wire it's left terminal (lug) to the neck vol left lug and put a cap across the middle (wiper) lug to ground on the back of the pot.