I really got down and thought about this thing the creationists keep talking about, now I guess I would say I am an atheist, although I just don't really care until I realized how stupid this point is.

Now the Creationists believe that "Everything has a design to it so their must be a designer" and that's how the think they "prove" god exists.

Well look at it, a rock, ok, it has a design, it's a random shape, and can have any color, the way god made it. What if a rock was designed to be a square? "Well that's the way god made it", See if floats either way, I don't know the word for this type of argument, but technically it could be anything. Birds could be full on retarded genetically and have 8 penises growing out of their arms as wings with vajayjay's for eyes and they would still say "That's how God designed it".

Am I the ONLY one who see's how stupid this is? Whether god exists or not is irrelevant (Why I didn't post it in the religion thread) It's just the overall attempt at Manipulation by the creationists.

I'm asking you guys for your serious thoughts on this, thanks.
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