i stood up and attempted to cough out a prayer,
but i just gagged on my vodka,
Then heard God laugh,
saying "you save me and I'll save you."
I didn't really grab much out of this in the introspective sense. And that has nothing to do with the length of this piece; it's just that nothing here had a solid framework or an outline to which this lies with. There wasn't much of a spontaneous outlook about this, it was too safe and in the end all you delivered was clichés with no footprint. Wine and God, is all that i read around here and to be honest it's very irritating and incredibly unoriginal. Maybe others might like this or even say that "this is there current perspective of life itself" but I'll ask you this, excluding the length, did this say everything you wanted to say?
He's right in some sense. I don't think we should write this off simply because there are a bunch of "questioning God" pieces lately (I contribute a lot of those v_v, sorry).

That doesn't change the fact that this is pretty much every cliche there is about questioning God. Alcohol in church setting, God laughing, unable to pray, God telling you that you need to do it yourself. There was nothing here that hit me, nothing deeper than the skin layer of meaning, and little originality outside of using wodka instead of wine. If you are going to do this, you need to go balls to the wall, otherwise you are going to come off as not meaning it. Which is what, to me, happened here.