I have an epiphone les paul that does not have this problem. My 1984 ibanez roadstar ii with a single humbucker pickup has really bad feedback. If the amp is quiet or loud - it's still an issue. If I'm not holding the strings itll feedback. If I'm in a big room or a wood-floored or tiled room especially, its insane. Besides this, the guitar is really, really nice - what ca I do about this? It's impossible in practice/band environments because when you are playing loud, its really really bad, sometimes if I'm holding the strings itll even do it.

Also, I don't knwo WHAT pickup it is.. it's 28 years old and i didn't buy it originally. It's stock though Im' pretty sure and its cream colored (but that might be aged?)
Maybe try a noice reducer or something of the sort.

And, I'm not too sure, but maybe shield it, or put a cover over the pickup. I've heard they'll stop it, although I'm not too sure, so if anyone can give anymore detail, it would be great.
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Thats the pickup mate seriously i had that on a cheaper guitar changed all the electronics on it and it was the pickups.
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+1 on the pickup. Its microphonic, thats why its feeding back on you like that. You got 2 options. 1. is to buy a new pickup and buy one that is wax potted. All Seymour Duncan pickups for example are wax potted pretty much except for a few or 2. you wax pot the pickup yourself which can be a hassle and you could kill the pickup in question or have a tech do it for you if you really love the pickups tone.
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stuff the pickup cavity with foam.

Satch and Paul Gilbert do it, it helps apparently!
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