Hey, I'm considering buying a Peavey ValveKing 100 head and I'm going to match it with my Randall cab. The only thing I hate about it is the footswitch. The footswitch has 2 buttons, one to switch between the clean/lead channel, and the other turns on the boost for the lead channel. There is no button for the reverb so I can't turn the reverb on for solo's. It's either on never or always. Is there any wasy around this without buying a reverb effects pedal? Can you mix and match footswitches or do you have to use the one it comes with? Is there anyway for me to turn on the reverb with a footswitch? Thanks!
I think I can help, don't get the footswitch and get a different amp, duh.
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If the amp isnt set up internally to switch the reverb on and off then a different footswitch wont be able to force it to do this.
i have this same problem!

would i be able to use a marshall footswitch with my Vox amp?
for switching between clean and distortion chanels ?

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