I'm new here so please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place.I'm also a new guitar player,so forgive the simpliciity of this question.
My teacher sent me home with some chords to strum(notation),I (he)don't do tab.So I need to know how to play(finger position)the F sharp chord,since he failed to explain it to me. Is it the same position as Fmajor just moved down a fret(all fingers).I'm talking first position .Thanks!
F sharp is higher then F so ud move all ur fingers up one fret
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just like an F barre but move up 1 fret , sharp means move up , flat means move down
F# major =
E| 2
B| 2
G| 3
D| 4
A| 4
E| 2

So yah, it is a F chord, one step up.
Thank you.........I have NEVER been on a forum that responded so quickly!!!!!!!!Wow,looks like i finally ended up on the right forum!
haha, it should actually be in the guitar & bass basics, but i guess i'll just leave it here since you already got your answers.
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