ok so i got the boss tuner pedal for my acoustic electric and i was thinking about adding a fx pedal to the mix which one would be good for a acoustic?
Alot of companies do individual electro acoustic fx pedals, mainly being mutli fx. Try finding an acoustic phaser of some sort, ithey sound pretty nice.
a bit of chorus and maybe some reverb/echo works well with acoustic. the chorus adds a bit of cool funk.

Here's a vid of don ross. I believe he's using chorus and some reverb/echo. Not completely sure though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmL2ij2mmKM&feature=related
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A chorus might suit you well. And sometimes a little bit of distortion on an acoustic sounds pretty cool, if it works in the context of a song. Does yours have a built-in EQ? You could get one of those.


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Chorus. Reverb is natural in the place you'll be playing in, rarely any need to mess with that for gigs. EQ you can get out your amp. Delay? Eh, I'm against over-effects using on acoustic, but that's just me.
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