Finally gonna get my hands on a Jaguar very soon (been ordered should get it some time in the week). Going for a Classic Player HH Olympic white. Any advice from anyone who already has one on how to get the best out of it?
How to get the best out of it?

Play it. Like hell.

Play it through a nice amp, if you don't, you'll actually hurt the guitar.

But seriously, just play it, and fool about with sounds and pickup configs. See what sounds good.

(I don't own one, but I have played one in my travels, so yeah)
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i own a jaguar special, really just mess around with the controls a lot. They're great guitars but it's hard to get the same tone twice
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I have a CIJ jag, beatifull guitar, but I think its going to be pretty different to the one your getting, for one you dont have to worry about the bridge or string gauge, but i think the necks pretty much just a strat neck but shorter, so it wont be as comfy or tasty as a regular jag neck. Which is a minus, but I expect it to be pretty nice anyway.

Try it up against a CIJ jag if you can and report back, i really wouldnt trade my jag for the world but id love to now how it compared to the new ones.