So via a local online classified site, I'm selling my AD30VT...

I asked for cash or trades, and one buyer emailed me offering pedals and posted this picture... (Obviously he is not giving me all the pedals).

I recognize the big black one as some sort of Crybaby wah (I have one already)
The orange boss one is an HM-2 (heavy metal pedal)... but that's obvious.

There's the eq pedal, which I don't know the company or the quality

There's the red one... no idea.

and the boss one you can see beside the other boss one.

I'm interested in what the boss one is:

Distinctive features:

Knobs have same colour on top
above the knob there are some letters (words?)
Below the knob there is a line or something
From what I can see there is one input

If anyone can help identify any of these pedals, it'd be great!
the red pedal is a Dod fx55 supra distortion pedal
the other boss pedal could be a Ds-2 or Os-2
I've identified the other boss as a DF-2 pedal (distortion/feedback... it's pretty cool)

I would like to know immediately (because email conversations take a while) and I'd like to sell it soon.

Thanks a lot guys!
I don't think it's worth it.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.
The DF-2 goes on ebay for over 100 dollars (very poor condition)...

so maybe asking for the DF-2 (youtube it, it's actually really neat) and the eq pedal?

I'll tell him to throw in some patch chords too, he seems to have a few haha.