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Who else loves this time of year? October and early November is my favorite time of year. Its cold, but not too cold, yet not too hot. I love the atmosphere around Halloween, plus all the "horror" movies. I was in Party City today with my family looking for a Halloween costume for my little sister and I loved being in there.

Discuss this great time of year.

Also, I'm thinking of dressing up as Jesus for Halloween, would that go over well living in the "Bible Belt?"
only reason i like it is cause it starts up the holiday season.
halloween, then thanksgiving, christmas, new years
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I prefer Dec, Jan and Feb. Christmas and my birthday>Halloween IMO. I also prefer seeing the gradual brightening up of days, rather than the increasing darkness.

But I see where you're coming from.
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I hate halloween, halloween should be said as " Halloween - from the inventors of hallmark!"....
I love the atmosphere around this time of year, especially Halloween. Its wonderful at night time, the air is so crisp...
Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm going to New York for it this year, though.
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I really like this time of year too. The leaves are changing color, and it's cool enough to not be hot but warm enough to not be cold. Plus I love fresh apples. I think I had a few too many today though.
I love the impending gloom Autumn promises.

I live in Scotland where we get 18+ hours daylight in summer and 4- hours in winter, which sometimes means the only time I see the sun is out the window at school, and at lunch break,

but I do love Autumn, I get a bit SAD (not sad, SAD - wiki it) in winter, but autumn is all good
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I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. Not enough trick, too much treat.

I'm thinking of going as a nazgul to scare children.

And yeah, December+January>October.
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Halloween was really depressing for me last year and is probably gonna be just as depressing this year

I was just lonely (like this year). But then again, I'd just got the new Coheed and Cambria CD and had played my first gig on Hallowe'en, so it ended up being pretty good, apart from getting lost in the middle of nowhere on my way home, listening to ghost stories on the radio.
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I agree, this time of year is the best. Weather gets worse sure, but there's something about this time of year that makes me love it so much. Maybe it's Hallowe'en, dunno.
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I love halloween. The coldness and the fall smell is my favorite part. Also, who can resist halloween night?
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I love the smell of it, and I actually like how dark it gets. It's also never a let down like summer is.
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I don't know the answer, or have anything funny to say, but dude that is one sweet Bulbasaur avatar
im gonna dress up in a dinosaur costume without telling anyone and just go around hitting people then go in a bush take it off and come back and be like what happened when i was gone
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the only reason i like Halloween is for the parties... but sadly not many people like me, most the time cos they cant take a joke (HA anyone that really knows me will know what im talking about LOL), but im also looking forward to this Halloween cos i have an AWESOME mask that i got from XD XD XD
i just wanna terrorise the place xD
I like the autumn =)
My birthday's during October and it's all colourful and nice.
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I was just lonely (like this year). But then again, I'd just got the new Coheed and Cambria CD and had played my first gig on Hallowe'en, so it ended up being pretty good, apart from getting lost in the middle of nowhere on my way home, listening to ghost stories on the radio.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

Last year I had moved an hour away from friends so I didn't have any way to go to any of the parties (15 at the time), so it was a lonely night. Not only that, but my little brother bailed on trick or treating like a half hour in so there was like no candy.

This past summer I moved 3000 miles away so the same situation is gonna happen.

I do like the weather at this time of year but halloween is pretty nothing to me, I prefer christmas months and seeing the days get brighter.
I actually had a girlfriend last Halloween.

But this year, I'm both single AND I can't go Halloweening because of marching band.
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In Finland we don't really have any of that halloween culture going on. However, I love october. I love the nature and it's colors, cold fresh air and something about the atmosphere really gets me.
I love that shops are full of Hallowe'en stuff
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I love going outside and playing on my bass/acoustic at this time of year, it just fits so well with music like AiC and Days of the New
I love Autumn. Everything looks nice, the weather is not too hot, not to cold, not too wet or dry, and it's just a cool word. Makes me glad I don't live in some backwards place where it's known as "Fall"

On the subject of Halloween:
"I was a duke last Halloween, this year gonna be James Dean
'Just wish I knew who we are in between."

If you get that reference without using google (I'll have a follow-up question or something, I dunno), then I will love you forever.
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haha, going to barcelona with loads of mates for halloween
its gonna be awsome!
girls dressing up in skimpy halloween outfits not bad
i want to go as jimmy page : )
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Oh some other stuff for why I love this time of year. My school's Homecoming is soon. My girlfriend last year said if I went to some party we didn't have to go to the dance. So I went to the party and everything. Then 3 days before dance she decided that we had to go to the dance. I said I went to the party and I'm not going so she broke up with me. So a bunch of my friends went to Netherworld ( on the night of the dance as sorta a "screw you were partying" kinda thing and were doing it again this year.

Plus for some reason, I listen to The Black Parade MCR album during mid October until Halloween. I don't like it but I just always have an urge to listen to it.
Best time of the year. No lie.
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Autumn and winter are so nice because I feel at peace during this time. *Cues Summer Wind by Sinatra*
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Stressing. It's harvest time, and it's not farming if something doesnt go bad. Our auger broke yesterday (that's a problem if you want to store crops in a bin), and we just got a new combine that has already had problems. Something covering a part in the beanhead came off, and the exposed metal piece rubbed against a metal cylinder (that spins very fast) and almost started a fire. And we've been farming for 3 days.


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