basically my hair is a total fag when it comes to spiking up, i can have it thinned out and it doesnt matter, it wont stick up at the back atall, when i had it like an inch short all over my back of the hair didnt spike up, what gel/ is the best

ive heard that after i use wax i should use a gel spray aswell?

advice please

(btw i dont want any, use wallpaper paste im not looking for a massive mohawk)
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I have unnaturally curly hair, it refutes any other type :P but with persistance i can get it straight the way i like, try lorelas manga hair putty thing, it doesnt feel strong, but when it sets its rock hard.
use this stuff called studioline indestructible by l'oreal, its awesome.

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Egg Whites... it's what punks use on Liberty Spikes I heard.
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Hair thread.


But my ex swore by Dax Wax...
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