another folk metal song, and i think its a step up songwriting-wise from my last attempt, as this one has drums, which i feel help ease the transitions
any feedback would be greatly appreciated
if you iked this, check out Equilibrium, one of my biggest influences
C4C if you want
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I'm not much of a folk advocate but that was awesome.

I especially liked the main theme, very Equilibrium esque .

The rest of the song was great as well, and I honestly don't have much to say. Overall an excellent piece.

Mine's "The Sun's Sheath" and it's very Agallochian/Opethian.
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That was great! The themes were excellent and well placed. The intro section was by far the best part of the song and I would have liked to see the intricate parts of the intro continued throughout the rest of the song but you gave lots of room for vocals which is good thing. The song flowed very well but it ended far too abruptly, either make it a few minutes longer or work on the ending because its just getting into gear and then bam! its over. Also the drums in certain spots are so bad they sound like you wrote them in about five minutes(from bar 63 onwards). The time shifts were flawless as well, good work.
Overall solid stuff, few minor glitches that can be easily fixed.

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edit: Also next time please name your tracks and insert markers as its annoying having to scramble through tracks to find out whats playing what.
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I liked your first one better, but this isn't bad by any means.

The melodies were awesome, that's plain enough. But the amount of breaks and rises and falls kept this song from feeling cohesive. And the drums were, in short, pretty bland, and contribute to the previous problem. But if I'm thinking correctly, this is your first song using them so I'll let you off the hook.

This needs some work done, but it has great potential. Sorry if it was harsh.

Free crit.
yeah, i'm by no means a drummer of any sort, if they weren't necessary for the transitions i probably would have left them out entirely (again)
Wow, that was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be at all. I was surprised you included a sitar, flute and brass section! Well I really liked the intro, but I felt the feel was ruined when the drums came in. I liked it when the brass came in (Bar 28), very Ska sounding.

Not much else to say, however a specific pear comes to mind when the drum fill starts at bar 66.
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Sweet job man! I've never really heard of folk metal before but this obv. is a good example of it (as soon as I heard the sitar I knew what to expect lol)

I really like the riff at 21 onwards, very simple but effective which a lot of people don't use anymore =(

And also the lead starting at bar 57, pretty cool stuff, keep it up.

in terms of improvement, I really can't say since I don't know much about folk metal, so my opinion really wouldn't be valid, my only suggestion would be to add in better drum parts, mix it up a bit, and throw in some harmonies too to give it flavor haha
Sweet song. I like the lead/main theme. Very folky.
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Do you folks like folk?
it's verry intersting, not sure about it being folk though...... more of a melo metal, the drums were to simplistic and the intro riff with that horn soundthing was horrid! but they way it was put together was ok, over all, 4/10
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That was amazing, the intro kind of reminded me of Ensiferum, all those instruments all added nice touches to the song. I like the melody on bar 81, although I think it would be nicer if it was harmonized. The brass at the end was really good, I would take that off.

Good job.
I can't crit this right now, because my GP is really playing up and wanna listen with RSE on, so i'll reserve this spot and give the thread a nice little bump while i'm at it