Is there a way to make it so that when the song changes (on shuffle) that the browser then highlights that track and focuses on it? Like in iTunes, say you're listening to Stairway, and then on shuffle it changes to Girls Aloud ( ), when you then look at the browser, instead of it still being focused on Stairway, which you doubled clicked or w/e to play, it has shifted to the new song? If you know what I mean, and know how to enable this on winamp, I would wuv you forever.
yeah thats just winamp, they made it with notepad BTW so if your that worried and you know programing really well change it yourself.
So in theory I could make a playlist with about 9500 songs (my library), and just use that?

EDIT: ^ Winamp isn't open source, or at least I don't think it is. And any source code available would be for old versions

EDIT: The playlist thing doesn't work, doesn't matter then unless someone else has any idea what to do.
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Winamps Boring, Use Lfd Player Like i-tunes but better, And If you have 9500 songs you must not have a life. Radio is the way ahead.
Winamp still exists? Haven't heard of it in years. Just use iTunes or WMP.
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Winamp still exists? Haven't heard of it in years. Just use iTunes or WMP.

I haven't heard of it in a long time either. I used to only use Winamp way back in the day.
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Winamp still comes out as the top music player for me.

tried mediamonkey, it was crap, tried foobar, it was lacking in features I wanted.