About a month and a half ago I finally purchased my first tube amp: a Traynor Custom Special 50. It sounds wonderful on every channel and I've been very happy about my latest amp purchase.

After having it for about three weeks, it began having issues. If the amp is not on channel 1 (OD channel) with the "Boost" setting on, it starts to randomly make clicking noises and switch between a loud mode and a quiet mode. The tone changes a bit. The tone changes very drastically, however, on the clean channel, going from loud and pretty, to very quiet and muffled. But with boost on and using the OD channel, it's just fine: no problems at all. Also, when the boost is on, it has a red LED lit to indicate that boost has been activated. This light goes on and off once in while, but does not cause any detectable, audible differences.

I still have the two year "Turn it in and get a new one" Traynor warranty, but I really don't want to send it in if it's just a short that I can get repaired locally. My old amp was stolen recently, so I'd be amp-less during the return process. I'm not sure what could be causing it. I haven't dropped it or done anything that I can think of that would knock something loose. Any ideas?
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