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Hey I just woke up from probably the most fun show I've ever played but I'm curious how many shows you guys have played. I've played around 75 but I've been playing for awhile.
And I've been playing for more than 4 years now.
Irony FTW.

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I've only played one... And that was just because a guy I know needed a Nyabinghi drummer quickly...
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Define show.

If you mean like in front of an audience at a venue, then no.

If you mean in my room alone while I masturbate to my guitar playing, then yes.
Many, many shows.

I get to play with paul gilbert too.
If he ever comes moderatly close.
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3, I did one with 'my' band, and 2 with a band I got asked for.
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i filled in for a friend's small band onetime when their guitarist was sick... i don't really like preforming though. I just play for fun, i don't want to make it a job.
i've done about 3 solo shows, and did about 20 with my ex band

my favourite one would have to be the solo show i did during St. Patricks day last year in college, because i figured, "hey, these people won't remember a thing tomorrow, so i could play as crappy as i wanted"
Maybe 10-20 including little things like school hall gigs. If you want to just play infront of people try busking.
I think 20..
A few battle of the bands, School things, and a lot of shows at our local venue.
All split up between 4 bands.
ive done two, and it was in a concert organised by my local amateur dramatics group, the first time was ok, the second time was much better, but it was ok.
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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I've played 2.

Once at a huge performance party

and once at my school's talent show.

Both times it was just me, up there on stage.

Talk about scary... lol
Not sure, alot for me. I usually get to play at least once or twice a week, not very big shows, but fun. I'd estimate something over a hundred?

Probably 5 of my reflection in my window at night. 1 In the bathroom mirror just to adjust the strap and 1000+ while fapping to Guitar World.
Easily 50+

Not played any for a while though, think my band are in the process of splitting up.
several blues jams, some random stuff, 2 actual regular shows with my current band, and we now have 2 more lined up
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Hey I just woke up from probably the most fun show I've ever played but I'm curious how many shows you guys have played. I've played around 75 but I've been playing for awhile.

1 - live online
2 so far and we've made a whopping $200 total.

3rd show in the next month.
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3 or 4 with my band and 2 solo for school
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7, all with my band at proper venues.
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4. Three of those at proper venues, and one at a mate's party...pretty bad over 3 years (haven't had one in like 18 months now). We've got songs written but need either a permanent bassist or singer, been looking for the singer since we started, we've used temps for every show.
200 plus, over half of them with my old band. I'll definitely be playing lots more.
We're only strays.
I can remember 5...this was a long time was just friend's parties really so no 'real' gigs
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