Hey all

I've been thinking about switching the pickups in my Ibanez S670 and to be quite honest...i haven't got a clue what i should get xD
I currently have an LTD EX400 for rhythm and i'd like to make the Ibanez my lead guitar. The reason i don't want EMGs in the ibanez is quite simple...my LTD has EMGs and i don't want my guitars to sound identical, 'cause really, what's the use of having 2 if they do?:P The music i play is kinda varied...it goes from soft rock (three doors down and the likes) to punk/pop punk/hardcore punk (Social distortion, Hoobastank, Rise against, ...) to metal (Metallica, Ill Nino, ...).
The amp i currently have is a Roland cube 60
If anyone could sugest me some pickups (neck, middle AND bridge, going for a total makeover) it'd be greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance
I think you'd be better off getting a new amp rather than new pickups.

Your amp makes up the largest proportion of your tone.
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New pickups isn't going to make a huge difference with the Cube, certainly it's not going to justify the expense.
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