I bought this guitar at a garage sale around 5-6 years ago from a German couple who were stationed over here for the Air Force and they had to move. It was only $100, so I thought, "Why not?"

I love this guitar. It's got shark fin inlays, has a deep purple sparkle finish, has 3 pickup switches, 3 EMG Select pickups, gold hardware, and a really fast, thin neck.

I tried to look up the company online, but have found no information at all. Does anyone know anything about these guitars?

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the EMGs alone are worth >$100

good score

(inb4 nazi jokes)

there select emgs so they aint worth that much
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Looks like another replicator-based guitar company to me
ThePimento I see that you are asking for a SHOT company. Well, back in 98` I had a guitar made by this company. Imagine this, it had special strap locks I haven't seen anywhere before (and till this day), Floyd rose tremolo, Only one volume control with a push Single/Humbucker switch inside, no tone control and one single Dimarzio at the bridge. This guitar was rocking, it had a "fast neck" as you said and a really nice sound.

It got lost somehow because it was a part of humanitarian aid equipment we got here from Austria, so I bought myself a new guitar and soon forgot about this SHOT, but I still remember how well it was made.
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