I just found about these acoustic guitars a few months ago and have lately really been itching for one. They have a new suspension on them (instead of the popular X-bracing), as they use an aluminum bracing. There's no sound hole on the front, but there is one on the side of the guitar (facing the player). They found that the new bracing made for more projection of sound as well as longer sustain.

Has anyone played around on one of these? They look incredible, and I'd really like to get one. I just don't have a dealer anywhere near me.

Hate to bring this thread back to life but I had the same question really. I plan on buying one, they feel and play amazing but I wanna know if anyone else has any experience or if there good at firs then they turn to sheet real fast
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Is there no one out there that has one? I've been researching these things for months now and have decided it's time to get one. There is a dealer here in my town of Hesperia, California but they are out of them at the moment. I guess they have been selling so well, they can't keep them in stock.
They're probably okay, but from the review I've heard, they sound rather nasily and twangy.
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