I posted this in another thread a few hours ago, but I kinda need a quick response.

How are the older Classic 50s? Are they as good as the newer ones? There's one that's selling locally for $200, and it appears to be in good condition. My other options are priced $300, $325, $350, $370, and $400, so this would be a very good deal.


Also, what's the difference between 4x10 and 2x12 speakers?

The seller says he thinks it's from the '70s. He got it in 1980 used. He said it's all-tube, but I'm still not 100% sure because after doing a little bit of research I've gotten the impression that all late '70s models were hybrids.
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Hey man, if you can play the amp and get it for $200, I'd definitely say that's a huge deal well worth checking out. I've read plenty of posts on the internet of people who have had their Classic 50s since the early '90s and still gig with them regularly. That doesn't rule out tube changes and general maintenance.....just that they're really reliable and still sound good. Even the more expensive ones you are looking at are good deals, provided you play them and like how they sound (That's really the most important thing in any case.)

As for 4x10 or 2x12......that's the size and number of speakers in it. The 4x10 has 4 10-inch speakers, and is pretty much a half stack in one unit.....it weighs almost as much as a Marshall cab, and can be a pain to lug around. Some people like the speaker set-up and sound it gets, others think it's not worth the hassle. At any rate, getting the 2x12, which is 2 12-inch speakers, is a bit easier to carry, and you can gig it pretty much anywhere as well. Personally I'd go with the 2x12, but you need to trust your own ears.

Hope all this helps. Good luck.
Thanks, that was helpful. Unfortunately, I won't be able to compare the amp to anything else. I have very little experience with gear, so I would probably need to compare it to another amp head to head to really decide which I like better.

I know that 2x12 means two 12-inch speakers and stuff. I was wondering more about the sound difference. I think I've heard 4x10s have better treble response and 2x12 have better bass, but I'm not really sure. But it probably doesn't make that much of a difference anyway because I'm not really picky about tone. I just have a general idea of the sound I want.

Has anyone had any personal experience with an older Classic 50?
The older ones are better, as far as I can tell. Mine's from 1994, and it works amazingly well. I A/B'd it with 2007 Classic 50, and mine just sounded fuller. Just make sure the tubes aren't old.


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i had an old classic 30. it sounded great, but it was just her time...haha. it broke down a few times and finally crapped out for good. but it was made in 93 and was gigged with regularly for along time until i bought it in 04.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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+1 haha

i just now saw your second thread...

Edit: dude - sorry, you posted in Classic 30 your last amp thread. Sorry.

Like I said tho - why do you need 50 watts. But yes they are great amps and more rare so you have uncovered some gems.
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I think that the circuitry might have been different for those 70s/80s classics.

I believe that the current generation of classics started in 91 or so and some of the pre current tweed models were hybrids with tube power amps and solid state preamps so you might wanna ask the seller about it.

edit: yeah judging from the pics it looks like this one has 2 tubes, probably 6l6 as opposed to the 4x el84 in the modern circuitry.
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All I can say is get it now.

I have an older classic 50 and love the thing to death.

There's alot of other stuff I can play on and other things I've tried and I've always liked it alot.

like this 4,000 dollar Soldano half-stack.
I prefer this thing over that any day.

I like the high-gain from it mainly.

"what, high gain?"

well yeah.
I stick my ts-909 in front of it and it can get pretty heavy.

I mean, there's alot of gain from it before that.. but you can't get that heavy grungy palm-mutey type heavy, or crazy long never ending sustain, or just a shred-tone type sound.. but with an overdrive pedal.. I can play like anything.
I can go from a Hendrix tone to a Metallica tone with the flick of the pickup selector and a stomp of a button.

so yeah.

I've compared it to some things as Mesa Rectifiers.. and although they sound amazing for alot of heavy stuff, I'm not too sure what they sound like for other stuff.

like, I have a pretty high-gain kind of tone that's good enough for metal but at the same time it has a perfect ACDC kind of tone.. so it's like a cross of classic rock and metal.

so yeahh, I love this amp to death.

only thing I dislike is the lack of more then one channel and/ or an effects loop.

since I'm in a band I sometimes need a volume boost and if I use a volume pedal without an effects loop.. it'll be like turning the volume down on my guitar meaning it'll make the tone lower and the gain lower.. so that's not an option.
and without another channel I can't just swap to another one that has a higher volume level..

but still, this amp is awesome =]
TechnicolorType, how old is yours? '80s or '90s?

311ZOSOVHJH, I don't really think I need 50 watts to be honest. The keyboard player in my band refuses to beleive that 30 watts will be enough. He also thinks I'll "look retarded" playing through a small amp. I might end up getting a 30-watt anyway. But that probably isn't very likely because most Classic 30s seem to be over $300 used anyway.
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