Hey I need help choosing a lighter set of strings. Right now im using DR 11-50 strings and they are a little to hard for me and I wanted to know what the next set lower would be thanks.
im tuned down one step (DGCFAD) and on my other guitar im in standard tuning but I thing the strings are too lite I think they might be 9's
well, if you have 9s, and tune them a whole step down, then you really have 7s.
and if u have 11s, but u tune them down a full step, u really have 9s.
so your using 9s, and thats pretty light, so you dont want to go any lower than 8, so try 10s
9's are pretty standard strings.

I'd just drop down to 10-46's.

And I know of more guitarists that use 11's to shred then 8's (not directed at tc)
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in my ESP guitar manuel it says 9-42 with the trem and 10-46 non-trem. I want to use the would it be ok to do 10-46 with the trem?