Ok, after trying a dozen different size caps in my crybaby, and not finding one that works, I decided to stick back in the original capacitor. I put it in and go to play and turn it on, and it just sounds like the crybaby is toe down, even when its being rocked. The tone doesnt change. Please tell me what I fudged up so I can go about digging through my "endless" supply of cash *Exageration*. Thanks.
Quote by Invader Jim
Break off a wire somewhere? Bad solder joints? Bad trace?


Im guessing its a bad trace, because I pulled off my ring around my hole from excessive heat because my tips are all ****ed, and RS doesnt carry my size. I was to angry earlier, but here ina minute, Ill check all my traces/joints/ect.

Do you really want one of my pics? Haha.
That's why I said use a piece of wire. Solder it to the component leg and run it to a spot in the same trace that isn't destroyed.

The green shit on the beard is solder mask. You can't solder on it, and it isn't conductive. You can scrape a spot off with a sharp knife, though, to expose the copper trace under it and solder it it, but I don't recommend it.

I did it to repair a PCB that snapped in half. It had some nice, big 'ol traces on it. Great for soldering onto to bridge the cracks.