A long time ago
A man walked alone
All by himself
Didn’t have much money
This man lead the way to thing no one dreamed of
He’d sit and his music
For one else to hear

He was a lone soldier
Oh yea
He was a lone soldier

This man was playin his music
A music man over heard his sweet song
Tried to make him play
He said that he was great
Never such things the man said no
cuz we all no he’s

Lone soldier oh yea yea
He’s a lone soldier yea

Plays his music all night and day
So play your music lone soldier
I pray to play like the lone soldier yea
Play your music lone soldier
Play your music
(Quiet) Lone Soldier
Hey man, can you give the rules a read, then you can repost this.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.